There is nothing quite like sharing a passion for sailing, racing and adventuring with others equally as passionate. Turning the love of yachting into something more tangible creates endless opportunities to learn, build friendships and so much more. With all the benefits a yacht club provides, regardless of the size, it comes with inherent liabilities. The experts at Mariners Insurance have various flexible yacht club insurance programs to keep the fun protected.

The Basics

No matter the size or amenities offered, the minimal coverage needed includes general liability and commercial. As part of the latter, your property would be covered in the case of a fire, vandalism, wind and other situations as dictated by the policy. General coverage provides broad liability protection regarding the public, members or visitors.

More Options

As the club grows and perks are added, it is necessary to rethink what is covered. The addition of boat storage, a clubhouse, employees, and instructors, just to name a few, increases the chances of needing additional liability coverage. Making a comprehensive list of what the club offers helps make it easier to decide what packages may be needed. Additional coverage may include the following:

  • Boats owned, borrowed or rented by the club
  • Third-party boats stored at the facility
  • Piers, docks, wharves, equipment, trailers and other property
  • Liquor liability
  • Races, regattas and cruises
  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial auto
  • Pollution
  • Flooding

Most commercial general liability policies contain exclusions when it comes to accidents involving pollution, so it’s important to evaluate if you have a gap in this area. The most common industries with potential concerns are manufacturing, transportation and construction, as stated by However, other smaller businesses can also be held liable for harmful exposures to the environment. It is essential to understand your risk and associated coverage before any situation arises.

Highlights of a Typical Policy

No one expects to be involved in a scenario where hazards escape into the environment, so understanding what commercial pollution liability means beforehand is beneficial. For contractors, it may even be required to have this coverage prior to starting a job. Hazardous materials can be spread in many ways and may affect people as well as property, so protection usually revolves around several factors:

  • Contamination (air, land, water) of an external site from the insured property
  • Contamination of insured site
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Clean-up costs

Some other factors to look for in a policy include coverage for releases from underground storage tanks, a clause for an extended reporting period, and handling of costs for a legal defense. Additional customization may be warranted based on the industry, so discussing all options with a professional will ensure you are shielded from all possible risks.

Finding the right insurance for your company can be tough in any industry, but when you work in oil and gas, there’s another layer of specialization needed. That’s because the location is important to the kinds of coverage you need and the amounts you should insure for as policy maximums. The requirements for companies operating in extraction in New Mexico will not necessarily be those faced by, say, a refinery in Minnesota. That’s where having regionally specialized help can come in handy. At, you will find information built for the New Mexico oil and gas industry, including both extraction-focused companies and those who refine and deliver oil and gas derivatives to residential and business clients.

Coverage for Your Business and Equipment

The machines used for your core business are specialized, finely calibrated, and for the most part, high-value. That means you need insurance for the oil and gas industry that knows how to protect them, as well as how to assess the real replacement value when it comes to a lot of custom rigs and pieces that had to be fabricated to suit the operation they’re applied to. Not every business insurer is ready to properly value those kinds of assets, but companies with industry experience insuring petroleum extraction and refining operations will be able to set you up with a coverage that really reflects those needs.

It’s quite common for smaller companies and startups to function on an efficient staff that is closely-knit, with a simplified corporate structure. It really makes sense to operate this way as long as you can, because the small community of people who understand each other is an efficient decision-making unit. It’s also impossible for it to sustain if your goal is to grow your company, especially if that growth is in the direction of an eventual IPO. When your operational complexity rises to the point where you need a corporate board and a full slate of traditional company officers, it’s time to look into revamping your risk management plan to include D & O liability and other important management insurance products.

A Broad Net for Coverage

It’s very easy to under-insure growing corporations because their fast expansion can sometimes lead to liability in areas the old plan does not cover yet. That’s why it’s essential to work with a provider who understands everything there is to know about insurance for your executives and company management, as well as providers who can give you standard coverage options like general liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Axis Insurance Services has provided a clear rundown of how D&O policies differ from other kinds of corporate insurance, and it’s vital for your company’s new officers to understand how it protects them individually, in addition to the way it protects the company.

When it’s time to send your kids off to college, it’s important to think about how this will affect your car insurance premiums. You may be able to save money on car insurance for college students if you can keep it on your policy, but there are a few other factors that may help you keep your young drivers protected while paying a little less each month for coverage.

Bundle Policies

Many insurance companies offer discounts if you bundle related policies. You can usually keep your young adult’s car on your insurance if one of two criteria are met:

  • The car title is in your name.
  • The car is jointly titled.

Even if the title is in your son or daughter’s name, you can still save money by bundling policies. For example, the experts at recommend that you invest in renter’s insurance when your children are away at college. If you bundle this coverage with their car insurance, you could pay smaller premiums overall.

Look at Crime Statistics

Surveying the crime statistics near your children’s top choices for schools does more than just take their personal safety into account. Choosing a school in an area with less crime could result in lower car insurance premiums, as there is less risk of vandalism or theft.

Knowing your children’s vehicles are covered when they’re away from home can give you peace of mind. It’s smart to ask your agent how you can get the best coverage for the lowest premiums.

Condo associations need to have insurance coverage in order to protect themselves against possible crime and other problems that could arise. Here is how having fidelity coverage for condo associations can help protect a home owner’s association.

Protection Against a Variety of Situations

There are different instances of crime that could lead to a substantial loss if not protected against through insurance coverage. In the case of a homeowner’s association, different types of fraud can occur when there is employee dishonesty. This could range from check fraud to embezzlement, or other types of problems such as theft. Having coverage can protect you should these instances take place, according to Kevin David Insurance Services.

Insurance Can Provide Peace of Mind

If one of these instances occurs and there is no insurance, it can be upsetting to think about what the financial consequences might be. By having coverage in place, you can feel better knowing that the condo association is protected and that it is possible to get these issues handled in a timely matter without losing a lot of money out of pocket.

Getting fidelity coverage for condo associations can offer protection against many different situations, such as computer fraud. It can also make running the association easier without worrying about other potential expenses related to instances of fraud.

Owning a rental property can be an easy way to make some passive income. However, landlords need to know about renters rights CT residents have if owning a home in that state. Understanding their rights keeps you in good compliance with the law.


The experts at Byrnes Agency Insurance state that you must obtain a court order prior to evicting a tenant. That means a written statement is not enough. You need to go to the courthouse and present your findings before serving the tenant an eviction notice.


Renters have a right to their privacy which as a landlord you must honor. Before entering a residence, you need to alert the renter such as when you need to make a repair. The main exceptions to this rule are emergency situations, move-outs and court orders.


You cannot lock out a tenant or keep their belongings. They can call the police on you. Consult the law before going down this road.


You can charge a late fee if your tenant is past the 10-day grace period on their rent. Good record keeping can benefit you when charging additional fees. The tenant may request a receipt for you to provide.

These are only a few renters rights CT residents have. Other states may have different laws. Understanding those rights in your state can keep you from legal problems.

Temporary or contract labor arrangements make it easy for some businesses to keep up with short-term or specialized labor needs without damaging their bottom line and restructuring administrative tasks to handle the new employees. However, there can be challenged associated with making sure the temp employees are given the benefits they may be eligible for under federal or state regulations. One of the most questioned areas of benefits eligibility is that of workers’ compensation.

Tasks of a PEO

Rather than try to navigate the complex and changing water of benefit plans and employer requirements, according to the information at, many small to mid-level businesses will work with a professional employer organization to help with the administration of employee benefits. These companies offer comprehensive business solutions for areas of human resources such as:

  • Payroll
  • Tax withholdings
  • Benefit administration
  • HR-related documentation

A company can rely on the PEO workers’ comp offerings to satisfy federal or state requirements without the headache or hassle of trying to secure an extended policy or determine eligibility. The size of the PEO makes the benefit plans more affordable, as there may be multiple companies relying on the services of the PEO and a better deal is negotiated through the PEO and the insurance providers.

The employer that wants to remain compliant with workers’ comp laws can use an umbrella agency, such as a PEO, to meet coverage requirements.

Make 2020 the year for a new vision and better insurance web marketing. Grow your business with an effective website that captures visitors and generates more leads. These tips can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Easy Access

Focus on making the important aspects of your website easy to access for your clients and leads. A quote calculator allows potential clients to immediately see what you can do for them. Make these tools easy for them to see and use. Once they become a client, make it easy for them to find and print their proof of insurance and cards.

Mobile Friendly

It is important to have a website that is mobile-friendly. More people are likely to access your website via a mobile device in the coming years. A mobile-friendly website helps your brand stay consistent regardless of the device used.

Loading Speed

People generally do not want to wait for your website to load. Speed up the loading speed to keep their attention focused on your business. As seen on, a custom website can help you reach your marketing goals.

Implementing these tips into your website can only improve your insurance web marketing. Add relevant content to boost your SEO capabilities and find a social media platform to connect with your clients to round out your digital marketing.

Libraries provide a huge service to communities. Many academic and specialty libraries serve the larger literary community by preserving rare books and first editions. Library insurance protects against financial loss, but these tips can help preserve those rare books for future generations.

Lay Flat

Place 3-inch or wider books flat. Tall books over 18 inches should also lay flat on the shelf. Avoid stacking more than three high. As referenced on, libraries have valuable assets with unique risks.

Size Groupings

Place books on the shelf next to similar-sized books. Avoid packing books tightly together. Have the books close enough for support yet far enough away to easily pull a book off the shelf without the binding rubbing.

Humidity Control

The paper in books can turn brittle in dry conditions. Many book bindings are made of leather which cracks when dried out. To preserve those rare books, a humidity-controlled area can help them last years longer. Ventilation can help decrease mildew and mold that can damage the delicate materials.

Shelf Locations

Provide the shelving systems with enough space not only between each other but between them and the walls to allow for air to circulate around them. Outside walls can allow damp temperatures to negatively affect the books stored.

Rare books are only one valuable asset protected by library insurance. A comprehensive plan allows the library to continue offering a necessary service to the community.

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