home care agency insurance liability coverage

3 Common Home Care Agency Coverages

Medical professionals have very specific needs for insurance. Those needs become even more unique when it comes to home care agencies. If you’re shopping for insurance, home care agency insurance liability coverage is crucial.

Professional Liability

Professional liability or malpractice insurance helps safeguard the company from errors and omissions or claims of negligence. Even if the claims are unfounded, you still have to deal with legal defense costs. So, without insurance, you could be out money.

General Liability

Every industry and every company needs liability insurance. This will protect your home health care against lawsuits that claim bodily injury, property damage and personal injury claims. For patients in a home environment, trip and fall accidents are more common.

Workers’ Compensation

Home care providers still require workers’ compensation. In the medical field, there are work related risks. In a medical facility, employees are under supervision and health and safety practices are easier to enforce than in a home care environment. This can make employee injuries more of a risk and give you more of a reason for quality workers’ compensation coverage.

In the healthcare industry, it’s crucial that you have insurance coverage. This is particularly true when it comes to home care agency insurance liability coverage. There are risks involved in any medical facility. The risks increase when you take care of a patient at home.

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