central city insurance redlands ca

If you own a business, you know you need central city insurance Redlands CA. You probably have basic liability, workers’ compensation and commercial property policies. What other policies should you include in your commercial package, though?

Useful Additions While all the common policies that most companies have are important, they may not cover all your risks. There are three other types of commercial insurance that can be helpful that you may not have considered before:

Cyber Liability – This policy protects you and your customers in the event of a cyber breach or theft that occurs as a result of it.

Pollution Liability – If you handle environmentally sensitive items that require special disposal practices, this policy can cover you in the event of a related accident or mistake.

Umbrella Coverage – Sometimes your losses exceed what your general liability covers, and that’s when this policy kicks in.

Agent Consultation Talk to your agent to discover the gaps in your current coverage. He or she can work with you to find services your insurance company offers to protect you where your current policies leave you vulnerable.
Your central city insurance Redlands CA, probably already covers all your basic needs. Research other available options to see if they can be helpful to you as well.

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