Welding is an occupation that is inherently filled with hazardous materials and dangerous actions. As with most jobs with high injury rates, there are insurances policies available to employers, and there are safety standards that the industry requests be put into place to protect both the welder and the employer. However, as with all high-risk occupations, there can still be serious injuries, liability claims, and even death. Ask yourself how would you prevent welding-related injuries, and then use these three preventative steps below to keep your workplace safe.

Establishing Workplace Standards

Personal protective gear should be supplied to each employee that deals with welding equipment. According to the industry experts at www.usrisk.com, this can protect employees from burns and shocks often associated with creating the welds.

Providing Special Gear

If employees are exposed to toxic gasses or metal fumes, special helmets with an apparatus for breathing should be supplied. The protection is essential for anyone in the vicinity of the gasses.

Creating Certification and Training

OSHA established training requirements and set parameters for skill levels due to the high-risk designation given this industry. Offering the latest in classes, technique information, and equipment can help employees stay protected.
No matter how safe the workplace is, injuries can occur. So, minimize your company’s liability and look into welding and fabrication insurance. As with any high-risk occupation, employees and employers should address the possible problems before they occur.

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