Due to their size and power, dump trucks can cause serious damage. Thus, dump truck insurance requires a specialty policy, which can be customized to reflect the hauling or construction company’s needs.

Liability Coverage for Dump Trucks

Primary liability coverage is always required. If a dump truck driver causes an accident, this insurance will pay for bodily injury, property damage, and legal defense.

The policy limits needed will vary from state to state. Generally, the limits are determined based on the gross vehicle weight, how far the truck will be driven, and what the cargo will be. If the truck crosses state lines, federal requirements must also be fulfilled.

More Insurance Options for Dump Trucks

In addition to liability insurance, options for dump trucks include:

  • General liability covers non-employee damages, both bodily injury and property damage, which are not related to driving accidents.
  • Collision covers repair of the dump truck after an accident.
  • Comprehensive covers damage caused by theft, vandalism, or fire.
  • Debris removal covers the costs of cleaning up after an accident.
  • Business interruption covers damage to a company’s bottom line when the dump truck is damaged and unusable.

When a dump truck gets into trouble, good insurance ensures that anyone injured is fairly compensated. In many cases, it can also prevent the company from being devastated by the misfortune.

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