hired non owned auto liability

When driving a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you, in the event of an accident, you might think your personal car insurance policy will cover the situation. This isn’t accurate; you will need to have hired non owned auto liability coverage to help resolve claims. If you consistently use your vehicle for employment tasks and services, you should also check to see if your company carries a comprehensive liability policy for non owned automobiles.

The Basics of Hired Non Owned Policies

When you rent a car, they may ask if you want to purchase an insurance policy. Many times customers reject this offer because of the expense and the mistaken idea that their own insurance will cover damages. The same can be said about work situations. If you are the one picking up the lunch order and an accident occurs, the company can legally be held liable for the damages. Without a hired non owned auto liability policy, a financial disaster and repair chaos can ensue. This coverage is used to address gaps between personal and commercial auto insurance plans.

Coverage Areas

The coverage of this policy might offer could include the following:

Liability coverage for injuries you cause to the other driver and any property damage
Protection during accidents involving uninsured/underinsured motorist
Medical payments for any injuries you sustain during the accident

Carrying too little automotive coverage can be just as damaging as not carrying any auto insurance. Speak to your agent about your need for non owned additions to your policy.

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