commercial insurance vs personal

Differences Between Personal and Commercial Car Insurance

When you drive a car, you need insurance. This goes for commercial and personal vehicles. If you already have personal insurance, you may be unsure of what the differences are when it comes to commercial insurance vs personal insurance. The truth is that if you have a company car, you may need to consider both coverages. Here are the differences.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance is not written in the same way that commercial insurance is. Personal insurance providers judge an individual by his or her own record. For instance, if you are over 25, married, have a clean driving record and have taken a defensive driving course, then you may have a better shot at having lower premiums.

Commercial Insurance

With commercial insurance, this is necessary for company vehicles. The premium rates, however, are determined based on how well established the business is. It does not look at individual employees for the prices but instead pays extra attention to how long your company has been around and how much training the employees have. For instance, if an employer offers driver’s training, it might help with premiums.

When it comes to auto insurance, every car owner needs it. The truth is that you need car insurance, whether you have a commercial car or a personal vehicle. Commercial insurance vs personal isn’t complicated, but you may need both coverages.

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