If your company works with a lot of volunteers on a regular basis, it’s important to establish clear-cut volunteer boundries and to keep an eye on certain warning signs in order to prevent burnout. If you suspect your volunteers are becoming exhausted, here’s what you need to do.

Keep an Eye Out for Frequent Burnout Warning Signs and Symptoms

Identifying signs of burnout is the first step to helping your volunteers take it easier, rest and recover. Remain vigilant and check in on volunteers who seem to be exhibiting signs such as:

  • Constant exhaustion
  • Physical weakness
  • Difficulty connecting with others at work
  • Absences from volunteer sessions
  • Poor levels of motivation
  • Weak efforts and input

Support Your Volunteers and Set Up Clear Professional Boundaries

When it comes to volunteer relationships, offering support while drawing strict professional boundaries is key. Make sure you:

  • Reach out to volunteers regularly to let them know their efforts are always appreciated
  • Ensure volunteers can communicate their feelings to higher-ups in a secure and comfortable manner
  • Avoid favoritism and respect volunteers’ personal time
  • Avoid connecting with volunteers on social media or in personal contexts to maintain a clear professional boundary

To keep your company’s volunteers healthy and avoid extreme exhaustion or burnout on the work site, make sure to set up clear volunteer boundries and keep an eye out for the most common warning symptoms. Equipped with this information, you can watch out for your company’s volunteer

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