If you’re shopping for excess liability or umbrella insurance, you may be wondering where to start. Being clear about two major factors will allow your insurance company to create a policy customized to protect your assets.

The Value of Your Belongings

Your first step will be looking at the value of everything you own, not just your primary home and vehicles. Especially note the things that are valuable enough that they might have to be sold to raise money to pay off a claim, or might even be seized by court order in a judgment against you. Recreational vehicles, rental properties, storage units and their contents, art and jewelry are just a few examples of things that could be at risk in a liability claim.

Your Lifestyle and Risk

One of the trickier parts of planning for personal umbrella insurance is deciding how much risk you are actually exposed to. Are there elements of your lifestyle that increase the likelihood you’ll face a liability claim someday? Anything from making improvements to your property to owning a business to having a dog can produce conflict, injury or loss that might lead to claims against you. All of these add to up your unique personal exposure to potential liability

The most important thing when considering an umbrella policy is choosing the right amount and type of coverage for your unique situation. You’ll never have to worry about being exposed to unpredictable risk if you start with a policy that’s a perfect fit. 

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