Daniels Insurance Agency

Finding the right insurance for your company can be tough in any industry, but when you work in oil and gas, there’s another layer of specialization needed. That’s because the location is important to the kinds of coverage you need and the amounts you should insure for as policy maximums. The requirements for companies operating in extraction in New Mexico will not necessarily be those faced by, say, a refinery in Minnesota. That’s where having regionally specialized help can come in handy. At https://www.danielsinsuranceinc.com/, you will find information built for the New Mexico oil and gas industry, including both extraction-focused companies and those who refine and deliver oil and gas derivatives to residential and business clients.

Coverage for Your Business and Equipment

The machines used for your core business are specialized, finely calibrated, and for the most part, high-value. That means you need insurance for the oil and gas industry that knows how to protect them, as well as how to assess the real replacement value when it comes to a lot of custom rigs and pieces that had to be fabricated to suit the operation they’re applied to. Not every business insurer is ready to properly value those kinds of assets, but companies with industry experience insuring petroleum extraction and refining operations will be able to set you up with a coverage that really reflects those needs.

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