Merrimac Marine

Every business owner needs to make sure they’re protected by a solid, comprehensive insurance policy that covers all the bases. If your business happens to be on or near the water, your policy should include coverage designed with your unique location in mind.

How Are Marine Businesses Different?

Whether you run a marina, a yacht club, a beachfront hotel, a seaside restaurant, or any similar business, you can’t afford not to consider the risks that come with doing business so close to the water. As detailed by Merrimac Marine, navigable United States waters come attached to their own dedicated rules and regulations. Not only is it every marine business owner’s responsibility to know what those directives are, but it’s their responsibility to make sure they’re adequately covered by dedicated marina insurance coverage in the event anything unexpected happens.

Finding the Right Policy for You

If you’re in the market for marina insurance coverage, make sure you discuss your options with an insurance agent who specializes in waterfront businesses like yours. A marine insurance expert will be able to:

  • Guarantee the comprehensiveness of your coverage.
  • Tailor your policy to meet the needs of your unique, one-of-a-kind marine business.
  • Advise you from a place of expertise when it comes to protecting your business.
  • Equip you with the most thorough coverage for the best possible rates.

Get started today, and rest easy in the knowledge that your business is safeguarded against every possibility.

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