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Owning a rental property can be an easy way to make some passive income. However, landlords need to know about renters rights CT residents have if owning a home in that state. Understanding their rights keeps you in good compliance with the law.


The experts at Byrnes Agency Insurance state that you must obtain a court order prior to evicting a tenant. That means a written statement is not enough. You need to go to the courthouse and present your findings before serving the tenant an eviction notice.


Renters have a right to their privacy which as a landlord you must honor. Before entering a residence, you need to alert the renter such as when you need to make a repair. The main exceptions to this rule are emergency situations, move-outs and court orders.


You cannot lock out a tenant or keep their belongings. They can call the police on you. Consult the law before going down this road.


You can charge a late fee if your tenant is past the 10-day grace period on their rent. Good record keeping can benefit you when charging additional fees. The tenant may request a receipt for you to provide.

These are only a few renters rights CT residents have. Other states may have different laws. Understanding those rights in your state can keep you from legal problems.

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