Many industries require professional liability insurance to ensure optimal coverage for all employees. It is especially useful for those providing a public service, as unhappy customers have the right not only to complain but also to file a lawsuit against the professional who provided the unsatisfactory service. This puts certain industries in special need of the additional protection that comes with professional liability insurance.

1. Beauty Professionals

Hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail technicians are just a few examples of professionals who work directly with customers in the beauty industry. Although injury can occur during these services, the primary concern is customer dissatisfaction. A customer who feels that they did not receive the same quality of care that the professional advertises may sue the individual or company for false representation.

2. Artists

As with beauty professionals, individuals who work in the arts may find themselves in a lawsuit if they provide an unsatisfactory product to their customers. A wedding photographer, for example, may fail to show up, miss important moments, or render photos that don’t meet the expectations of the happy couple.

3. Builders

Those who draft, construct, or design buildings are at fault if any given building is not up to code and, as a result, puts its inhabitants in danger. Builders and the companies they work for may be sued for any ensuing damages or injuries.

While these workers need professional liability insurance the most, all industries can benefit from the additional coverage offered by its specialized policies.

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