Cleaners have to contend with numerous occupational risks. It is important for cleaning contractors as well as companies that have janitorial or maintenance staff as a part of their workforce to be mindful of some of the most common hazards. Thorough training, strategic policies, and comprehensive insurance are all key elements of mitigating risk.


Working on slippery surfaces while cleaning a floor can make workers vulnerable to falls. Cleaning stairwells can be especially dangerous.

It is also worth noting that anyone who comes near an area that is being cleaned may be vulnerable to this type of injury. Cleaners should always use appropriate signage to alert people to a wet surface.

Chemical Inhalation

Using products which contain chemical irritants makes workers susceptible to respiratory injury. Using a safer alternative when feasible is generally a wise investment. If another product will not suffice, workers should use protective masks to reduce their respiratory exposure.

It is imperative to advise workers about possible harm associated with the use of a particular substance. Making them aware of the risk helps them make an informed decision about whether they consider the risk to be acceptable and also encourages them to take adequate precautionary measures.

Ultimately, cleaning industry hazards can have serious health consequences. Companies must take proactive steps to prevent harm.

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