Mobile Home Owners

Spring is here bringing an increase in tornadic activity in many states. While having mobile home insurance can help protect your assets should tornado damage your home, there are some steps owners can take to protect themselves.

Potential Damages

As referenced on, wind, lightning, and hail can all happen in a severe thunderstorm producing tornadoes. These elements can cause damage to your home. For example, a tornado can pick up the home and move it. Or it can drop objects from somewhere else onto your mobile home.

Shelter Plan

Before a tornado warning goes out, make sure you know what your plan is for shelter. Mobile homes do not provide a stable shelter. Many people create their own or go to a designated shelter nearby. Have a plan in place to prevent panic and ensure the safety of your family.

Structure Support

If possible, you may want to consider providing the mobile home with more secure structural support. For example, a home anchored to a concrete foundation is safer than one that is not. These lightweight structures make them easy to manufacture but do little against the damaging strength of a tornado.

Following these guidelines can help you protect what’s most important to you during the tornado season. Mobile home insurance can help take care of the rest.

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