Ways To Prevent Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are a primary concern of project managers. They must take steps to avoid the likelihood of workplace injuries and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

There are many potential hazards on a building site and actively working to reduce accidents that protect employees’ lives has financial benefits, too. Fewer mishaps result in lower insurance premiums and less employee downtime. A reputation for excellent health and safety attracts workers to your company and increases business.

Know the Risks

Managing possible dangers requires that a business first recognize the types of injuries most likely to occur. An owner needs to conduct a thorough assessment of the workplace risks before beginning a project and identify potential construction accidents. With a detailed outline of possible hazards, managers can develop a plan to ensure safety on the job site.

Ongoing Training

A company must have frequent meetings about potential dangers that include feedback from the crew. Everyone involved with the project should come together to address concerns and brainstorm solutions. This group effort is the best way to identify known risks and prevent injuries.

Maintain Equipment

It is vital to inspect machinery regularly and keep a written record of repairs and maintenance. Tools and equipment must be in proper condition to ensure the safety of workers.

Safety Gear

Employees need to wear personal protective equipment. Companies should provide and maintain gear for workers.

Responsible supervisors who are aware of worksite risks can significantly reduce construction accidents and injuries on the job.

When Do You Need Construction Performance Bonds?

Construction Performance Bonds?

There are a lot of construction bond types to choose from when you’re taking on a project, but not all of them apply to every new building or development your team works on. So how do you know what to buy when? If you’ve been around the block a few times, it gets easy to predict. If you haven’t, your bond provider or insurer can help you parse the purposes of various construction bonds to decide when you need each. One of the most common types is the performance bond, which protects clients in the event your team fails to deliver the progress needed to reach milestones on time or otherwise causes losses to the customer based on performance issues.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

Figuring out the right bond values can be difficult, because you need to be able to calculate the maximum loss your performance issues could predictably cause the client to be fully covered. That’s why your best bet for a cost-efficient bond that covers everything you need is to work with people who make construction performance bonds their core business. That way, your bond provider’s experience helps you make sure you’ve got a robust risk management solution before you jump into a new project. That gives your client peace of mind, and it protects your business at the same time.

The Ins and Outs of Builders Liability Insurance

Builders Liability Insurance

There are plenty of risks associated with the construction industry. Whether you’ve been working in this field for many long years or you’re still a novice, it is important to make sure you have insurance in place that covers all fronts. To achieve this, it can be a good idea to take a look at the different policy options available to you.

What To Expect

First, you may want to take a deeper look at what is builders liability insurance. Essentially, this is a policy option that helps to cover a few areas you may have not considered with a general policy for liability. With this coverage, you will be protected in the event that something causes damage that impacts the perceived value of the property. If an earthquake occurs, for example, having this policy in place can be a huge help when it comes to recouping your losses. Additional points to consider with this policy include:

  • Fees associated with local fire officials
  • Losses due to extreme weather
  • Protection against government action

Find the Right Fit

In order to keep your assets and your employees safe, you need comprehensive insurance. There are many risks associated with the construction industry and you need to stay mindful of these areas at all times. Review the various policies available to you and find the most sensible fit.

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