What Excess Flood Insurance Protects

If you live near water, you are likely familiar with the threat of a flood. From beachfront homes to homes along low-lying creeks, the prospect of rapidly rising water and consequent flooding should be concerning to any homeowner. This prospect has grown even more worrisome in recent years, with increasingly severe storms creating flooding that is sometimes unusual by historical standards.

Even if you have reliable flood insurance, it is worth looking into purchasing excess flood insurance. Excess flood insurance can help ensure that in the event of a major flood, you are fully covered.

What Is Excess Flood Insurance?

Depending on the location of your property, you may already carry some form of flood insurance. However, between private flood insurance and National Flood Insurance Program insurance, you may find that your property is simply not fully covered. This may be more likely if you have especially desirable waterfront property, and if its value exceeds your current insurance programs.

If this is the case, and you suffer damages beyond what basic flood insurance covers, your excess flood insurance will be there to cover the rest. You can work with your insurer to determine the proper value of excess flood insurance, ensuring that if damages are sustained you are prepared to cover them.

Extra Steps To Protect Your Drivers

Protect Your Drivers

Many businesses rely on drivers to keep their companies headed down the path of success. Whether you have truckers carting cargo across the country or your employees make local deliveries to members of the community, there are plenty of steps you need to take to protect the men and women who work for you in this way. The risks change dramatically when a person leaves the confines of your company’s base of operations. As soon as someone gets behind the wheel of a car, anything can happen. This is why you absolutely need practical insurance.

Going the Extra Mile

One extra step you can consider when taking out your plan is truck road service. Consider a scenario where your driver has several flat tires and becomes stranded on the side of a highway. Not only is your employee in a predicament, whatever is being transported is now also stuck between destinations. With insurance that includes roadside assistance, you can have professionals on the scene in no time. This helps to cut back on wasted time and gets your driver back on schedule. Additional ways to protect your workers can include:

  • Appropriate coverage for medical and similar expenses
  • Standard workers’ compensation package
  • Insuring the vehicle and assets within

Providing Peace of Mind

To do what is best for your business, you need to show your employees proper care at all times. Help your drivers by taking out insurance that keeps anyone who hits the road for your company safe and sound.

Keeping Your Yacht Club Operations Covered

Yacht Club Operations

Operating a marina or yacht club comes with a unique set of needs and risks. Your company is exposed to land-based and maritime risks that should be covered for successful operations for everyone’s sake, your employees, club, board members, volunteers and more. Certain types of coverages such as property and workers’ compensation are pretty universal, but you need to check that you have protection for the way you run your yacht club.

What Coverages Do I Need?

Your yacht club insurance policies should focus on the specifics of your operations and might include the following:

  • Yacht Club Fleet Hull and Liability (including boats used by the club whether owned or borrowed)
  • Sailing Training and Education
  • Boat Races
  • Chartering
  • Property
  • Club Grounds and Facilities

Some other coverages that may be useful include Pollution and Oil Spill, Race Management Professional Liability, Jones Act Coverage for employees, among others.

What Type of Insurer Should I Work With?

It’s crucial that you work with an insurer that has experience with yacht club insurance coverages in CA. The right provider can help you find the products that are specific to your business, as no two marina or yacht clubs are the same. Your insurer will also help you identify risks and gaps in your existing coverage.

The Ins and Outs of Builders Liability Insurance

Builders Liability Insurance

There are plenty of risks associated with the construction industry. Whether you’ve been working in this field for many long years or you’re still a novice, it is important to make sure you have insurance in place that covers all fronts. To achieve this, it can be a good idea to take a look at the different policy options available to you.

What To Expect

First, you may want to take a deeper look at what is builders liability insurance. Essentially, this is a policy option that helps to cover a few areas you may have not considered with a general policy for liability. With this coverage, you will be protected in the event that something causes damage that impacts the perceived value of the property. If an earthquake occurs, for example, having this policy in place can be a huge help when it comes to recouping your losses. Additional points to consider with this policy include:

  • Fees associated with local fire officials
  • Losses due to extreme weather
  • Protection against government action

Find the Right Fit

In order to keep your assets and your employees safe, you need comprehensive insurance. There are many risks associated with the construction industry and you need to stay mindful of these areas at all times. Review the various policies available to you and find the most sensible fit.

3 Types of Vessel Pollution

Vessel Pollution

Vessels are responsible for many different types of pollution, all of which harm the surrounding marine life and environment. It’s important to be aware of pollutants, as well as guidelines that attempt to temper them when trying to understand what vessel pollution really looks like in the modern world.

1. Air Pollution

Perhaps the most obvious type of pollution, air pollution from vessels is responsible for a large percentage of the world’s nitrogen and sulfur oxide emissions. Vessels also emit a number of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, which must be managed according to strict environmental guidelines.

2. Water Pollution

Water pollution has many faces but most commonly takes the form of oil spills. These spills not only pose an immediate threat to wildlife but also leave behind toxic materials that harm the marine environment for years to come. They can cause issues such as birth defects and interrupt the food chain indefinitely.

3. Sound Pollution

As vessels evolve, sound pollution poses an increasingly greater risk to marine life. Many animals rely on sounds to communicate, navigate, and survive. The often unnecessary noise emitted by vessels renders reliance on this sense difficult if not impossible.

Though they cannot be avoided entirely, the detrimental effects of vessel pollution can be significantly reduced. It’s often wise to turn to vessel pollution insurance as a means of adhering to environmental guidelines and responding to incidents. This allows vessels to operate efficiently while protecting the environment as much as possible.

Insurance for Nonprofits

Insurance for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are unique from regular businesses in that they don’t have a lot of formal employees. Instead, they have volunteers who still need to be covered in the case of accidents and injuries. A nonprofit that doesn’t have basic insurance coverage risks being sued over basic liabilities. Here are insurance types to consider for protecting your volunteers.

General Liability

First and foremost, general liability insurance simply covers anyone who is injured on your property or injured due to your negligence. It protects you from being sued for negligence by volunteers. This does not cover you or your property but is purely to keep you out of lawsuits and courtrooms.

Directors and Officers Liability

This insurance specifically protects your company and anyone working for it, including volunteers, from being sued for acts that caused harm, including breaches of duty and errors. You can even be protected from libel and copyright infringement.

Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation is not a part of volunteer insurance programs. It only covers official employees and does not extend to volunteers. Many insurance companies have add-ons for including volunteers in some portion of their other policies. If you are a company with many volunteers, you should consider these options before work begins.

Getting insurance for volunteers can be trickier than it seems. Making sure you have the right insurance to cover them can prevent hassle down the road.

Insurance for Income Properties


Flipping real estate is all the rage these days, but the investors who really see a return on their initial capital are the ones who learn how to run a business that uses them as an income property. Business insurance for income properties can involve a lot of coverage options common to other businesses, including general liability and coverage to protect employees if you have on-site maintenance. One piece of coverage unique to property owners who rent their investments, whether as residential or commercial property, is a policy protecting against loss of rent.

Insurance Against Lost Rent?

As the people at www.rentrescue.com point out, the risks involved with income property include disputes where the tenant stops paying rent on time. While the legal mechanisms for recovery are there, it’s not always feasible to recover that unpaid rent. That’s where a policy protecting you from lack of payment comes into play. It can help offset the months that went unpaid, so you only have to worry about the cost of turning the property and getting it back in the hands of another tenant. That makes it a lot easier to recover from unpleasant situations with tenants whose relationship with you is less than ideal. It’s worth getting a full evaluation of your coverage to make sure you haven’t missed any other areas of risk, too.

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