Management Insurance for Growing Companies

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It’s quite common for smaller companies and startups to function on an efficient staff that is closely-knit, with a simplified corporate structure. It really makes sense to operate this way as long as you can, because the small community of people who understand each other is an efficient decision-making unit. It’s also impossible for it to sustain if your goal is to grow your company, especially if that growth is in the direction of an eventual IPO. When your operational complexity rises to the point where you need a corporate board and a full slate of traditional company officers, it’s time to look into revamping your risk management plan to include D & O liability and other important management insurance products.

A Broad Net for Coverage

It’s very easy to under-insure growing corporations because their fast expansion can sometimes lead to liability in areas the old plan does not cover yet. That’s why it’s essential to work with a provider who understands everything there is to know about insurance for your executives and company management, as well as providers who can give you standard coverage options like general liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Axis Insurance Services has provided a clear rundown of how D&O policies differ from other kinds of corporate insurance, and it’s vital for your company’s new officers to understand how it protects them individually, in addition to the way it protects the company.

Be Ready for the Worst With Strong Insurance

insurance for banks

Banks are some of the important institutions of today’s society. The lives and assets of millions of people around the country lie securely within a bank’s vaults. Unfortunately, these qualities also make them a big target for a large amount of possibly devastating incidents. Why not prepare for the worst with a package that includes insurance for banks? These policies can make sure your bank and your clients’ investments are protected.

Crime Protection

Crime insurance is must for every business, especially banks. Many agencies can set you up with different crime policies that cover different incidents including:

Wire Fraud
Employee Dishonesty
Ransom and Extortion
Damage Due to Robbery


Many criminals don’t barge into a bank completely armed. Instead, they hide in front of the safety of their computers. That is why cyber liability insurance is a must. Depending on your contract, an agency can help with the fallout of information breaches, cyber-attacks, ransom payments, defense costs, and indemnities. 


It is also wise to protect your own with professional insurance. Some policies that are recommended for banks are errors and omissions, directors and officers, bankers professional liability and employment practices liability.

Insurance for banks can seem like a complicated venture. Thankfully with the right agent or broker, you can set your bank on the path to preparedness!

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