Why Every Library Needs a Risk Management Plan

Regan Insurance Agency

If you think the term library risk management is an oxymoron, then it has probably been a while since you last visited your local branch. Gone are the days of musty-smelling buildings filled with old books, managed by a prim old woman shushing the voices of patrons. Modern libraries are community hubs where people young and old come for information in every conceivable format. Any public place with this much activity needs protection, and consequently a risk management plan.

What could go wrong at a library? Consider the following:

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes
  • Pests like bedbugs, lice, or termites
  • Unlawful activity including the use of weapons or drugs
  • Unruly patrons, for example, those who act disruptively, stalk employees or steal from the library
  • Unanticipated closures due to power outages, disease outbreaks, or threats of violence
  • Accidents causing injury to patrons
  • Lawsuits against library staff

Don’t get caught by surprise when an unfortunate incident occurs. Hope for the best, but be prepared and have a plan in place should you ever need to react to one of the above situations. Of course, as the experts at Regan Insurance Agency point out, not every threat is substantial enough to warrant action. Thus, thresholds must be set so that everyone understands when to act.

The Proper Preparations for Entertainment Events


Putting together a large-scale event can be exciting for both event planners as well as patrons. Major music productions, theater, stand-up comedy, and countless acts collectively attract millions of viewers in different venues around the world. Because of this, it’s no wonder that these crowded events often require a series of special considerations to be made prior to, during and after each performance to ensure the enjoyment, most importantly, safety, of everyone involved. By understanding the risk for entertainment events, it can be easier to plan something that will be successful and to contribute to a positive reputation for future events affiliated with your organization.

Covering all the Bases

Before the first ticket is even sold, a good event planner makes sure the unique exposures that are inherent in these types of entertainment events have been acknowledged and properly planned for. The website www.usrisk.com reports the following as some potential unfortunate incidents that can be challenging to recover from without adequate preparation:

Natural disasters
Damage to the stage or equipment
Criminal activity
Third-party injuries
Delays in transportation

The reality is that these are just some things that can undo the hard work and investment that go into hosting an event. In a worst-case scenario, they can even make an event a liability if the proper protections are not in place. In order to avoid that from happening, it is wise to hope for the best but always prepare for the worst to avoid unexpected expenses and conflict.

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