Keeping Your Yacht Club Operations Covered

Yacht Club Operations

Operating a marina or yacht club comes with a unique set of needs and risks. Your company is exposed to land-based and maritime risks that should be covered for successful operations for everyone’s sake, your employees, club, board members, volunteers and more. Certain types of coverages such as property and workers’ compensation are pretty universal, but you need to check that you have protection for the way you run your yacht club.

What Coverages Do I Need?

Your yacht club insurance policies should focus on the specifics of your operations and might include the following:

  • Yacht Club Fleet Hull and Liability (including boats used by the club whether owned or borrowed)
  • Sailing Training and Education
  • Boat Races
  • Chartering
  • Property
  • Club Grounds and Facilities

Some other coverages that may be useful include Pollution and Oil Spill, Race Management Professional Liability, Jones Act Coverage for employees, among others.

What Type of Insurer Should I Work With?

It’s crucial that you work with an insurer that has experience with yacht club insurance coverages in CA. The right provider can help you find the products that are specific to your business, as no two marina or yacht clubs are the same. Your insurer will also help you identify risks and gaps in your existing coverage.

Keeping Yacht Clubs Properly Protected

Mariners Insurance

There is nothing quite like sharing a passion for sailing, racing and adventuring with others equally as passionate. Turning the love of yachting into something more tangible creates endless opportunities to learn, build friendships and so much more. With all the benefits a yacht club provides, regardless of the size, it comes with inherent liabilities. The experts at Mariners Insurance have various flexible yacht club insurance programs to keep the fun protected.

The Basics

No matter the size or amenities offered, the minimal coverage needed includes general liability and commercial. As part of the latter, your property would be covered in the case of a fire, vandalism, wind and other situations as dictated by the policy. General coverage provides broad liability protection regarding the public, members or visitors.

More Options

As the club grows and perks are added, it is necessary to rethink what is covered. The addition of boat storage, a clubhouse, employees, and instructors, just to name a few, increases the chances of needing additional liability coverage. Making a comprehensive list of what the club offers helps make it easier to decide what packages may be needed. Additional coverage may include the following:

  • Boats owned, borrowed or rented by the club
  • Third-party boats stored at the facility
  • Piers, docks, wharves, equipment, trailers and other property
  • Liquor liability
  • Races, regattas and cruises
  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial auto
  • Pollution
  • Flooding

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