When you are purchasing liability insurance for your nursing facility or service, there are a few things that you need to consider. As an employer, there are many CNA rights that your insurance can help you cover in the event of a violation that involves a certified nursing assistant.

The Right to a Safe Work Environment

Employees have the right to working equipment, freedom from violence, and the proper safety measures to prevent heavy lifting or repetitive motion injuries. Even though liability protects you, you still need to provide a work environment that is as safe as possible.

The Right To Work Without Harassment and Discrimination

Your employees have the right to a workplace where they are not harassed or discriminated against regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion or sexual orientation. This means harassment and discrimination of any kind. Your liability insurance should protect you and your employees in this case.

The Right To Appeal Accusations of Wrongdoing

The right to appeal accusations is another one of the important CNA rights. If one of your CNAs is accused of negligence or harassment, they should have the right to appeal that decision. In many cases, liability insurance will handle these claims, but employees have the right to defend themselves against these accusations.

Remember, when purchasing liability insurance, make sure that it covers all of these basic CNA workplace rights.

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