Cyber security in Healthcare

For years, employers have conducted post-accident drug testing as protection against Workers’ Compensation claims that may be rooted in worker impairment. Two things have changed how that policy is carried out. The first is the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana in many states The other is the guidance by OSHA issued in 2016 which deemed post-accident testing as potentially retaliatory. Although that was rescinded it has had a chilling effect on testing.

How To Test

Because of the legalization of marijuana, when running drug testing for workers comp claims use a swab test. Unlike a urine panel which will pick up marijuana use within 30 days, a swab only picks up the last 24 hours.

When To Test

A swab test will give you usable results regardless of the suspected substance. To make sure that you don’t leave yourself open to a potential retaliatory workplace lawsuit, make sure to test after every workplace accident, not just the ones you think may result in a claim. Practicing impartiality protects your workers and your business finances.

Work with your insurance company on your testing protocol, and ensure that all testing results are forwarded to your provider regardless of outcome. When they know what you’ve been doing, they are better able to protect your interests.

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