If you’re in the market for a job, you may see quite a few interesting openings in the public sector. But what is a public sector employee? Put simply, a public sector employee is any employee who works for local, state, or federal government and their associated public agencies. Their salaries are typically paid for by funds collected through taxes and their work relates to serving the general public. Below are a few examples of public sector workers.

Social Work Employees

Local and state governments work closely with organizations that provide services to people experiencing homelessness, poverty, illness, and other adversities. These organizations help governmental organizations carry out their duties to protect and uplift its citizens. Jobs within this field include social worker, food bank administrator, child protection case manager, housing advocate, low income housing manager, and public health nurse.

Public School Employees

Any job within a public school setting is considered a public sector job. This category includes not only teachers but also principals, secretaries, janitors, bus drivers, librarians, teachers’ aides, and school nurses. The relationship between the employee and the government is clear, as public schools receive their funding through taxation and these collected taxes are used to directly pay the salaries of the workers.

Many jobs which appear in the private sector also appear in the public sector. The main difference between the two is that public sector employees work within or alongside governmental organizations.

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