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Running a condo or townhouse community requires a lot of effort on your end. In order to keep your property and tenants safe while protecting your assets, you need to think about the type of insurance plan you currently use. In most cases, you will benefit from exploring a Tailored Community Association Plan. A TCAP is structured for the unique needs and hazards associated with tailored living communities.

Policy Details

The professionals at https://www.usrisk.com/ have reported that this type of policy can be a lifesaver for business owners. Part of this plan includes regular inspections of your property. This can be advantageous when you need to make repairs and are unsure of which areas need the most immediate attention. Additional benefits from this type of policy include:

  • Casualty losses
  • Coverage for directors and trustees
  • Personal injury claims

What Properties Qualify?

Townhomes, condos, and co-ops are all eligible for this type of coverage. Additionally, certain single-family homes may also qualify depending on specific circumstances. Look into the policy specifics to get a feel for whether or not your properties meet the qualifications.

Protecting your assets starts with the right coverage. If you run a tailored community, now is the time to reach out and discover a policy that helps you and your residents live your best lives.

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