Cybersecurity is increasingly important to protect business investments and personal information. Such requirements have triggered a growing need for multi-factor authentication, or MFA, in website security. MFA for cyber insurance is required by most cyber insurers, helping protect valuable information such as usernames and passwords from being hacked into and stolen. Here’s what that looks like for the regular user.

SMS and Email Authentication

These are some of the most commons forms of MFA in use. Simply put, users input their usernames and passwords. They are then prompted to retrieve some form of PIN from a linked phone number or email. These are simple and easily retrievable ways to provide customers with quick access to their accounts.

Security Question Authentication

Some online accounts will ask users to answer simple security questions, such as childhood pet names. Though once popular, this information is not as secure as other options, making this a less desirable form of authentication.

Biometric Authentication

Though controversial, biometric authentication is one of the easiest ways to confirm your identity. If they are willing to register fingerprint or facial recognition information, users can move through the authentication process quicker than other methods.

Though cyber security can be nerve-wracking, engaging in a few simple steps will help your information stay free from attack.

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