Whether or not your company already offers maternity leave or a more general parental leave, it’s important to understand the laws your business has to abide by and the sorts of policies that could attract top employees. The right leave policy could boost your reputation, keep great employees on board and more. Here’s what your business should know about granting parental leave.

Understand the Relevant Leave Laws That May Apply

Before you can craft a unique company leave policy, it’s important to check that your proposed policies comply with all relevant laws applicable to your business. For example, check that your leave policy is in full compliance with:

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA
  • Local and state family or medical leave laws
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Shape Your Policy With Employee Flexibility in Mind

If your business offers a more flexible or expansive leave policy than most, it could boost your reputation while attracting employees. You may want to consider offering:

  • Paid parental leave up to your designated number of weeks
  • Health insurance coverage as a job perk
  • Flexible hours upon the employee’s return to work
  • A remote or hybrid work option after the leave period ends

Offering your employees a strong maternity leave policy is not only important for legal compliance but also for employee morale and company reputation. If you’ve been struggling with the right way to grant your employees parental leave, keep these key pillars in mind.

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