If you live near water, you are likely familiar with the threat of a flood. From beachfront homes to homes along low-lying creeks, the prospect of rapidly rising water and consequent flooding should be concerning to any homeowner. This prospect has grown even more worrisome in recent years, with increasingly severe storms creating flooding that is sometimes unusual by historical standards.

Even if you have reliable flood insurance, it is worth looking into purchasing excess flood insurance. Excess flood insurance can help ensure that in the event of a major flood, you are fully covered.

What Is Excess Flood Insurance?

Depending on the location of your property, you may already carry some form of flood insurance. However, between private flood insurance and National Flood Insurance Program insurance, you may find that your property is simply not fully covered. This may be more likely if you have especially desirable waterfront property, and if its value exceeds your current insurance programs.

If this is the case, and you suffer damages beyond what basic flood insurance covers, your excess flood insurance will be there to cover the rest. You can work with your insurer to determine the proper value of excess flood insurance, ensuring that if damages are sustained you are prepared to cover them.

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