Specialized Coverage

The in-demand roofing industry provides essential contracting services to clients, but also comes with some inherent risks related to safety, materials and more that may require specialized insurance coverage for roofing contractors. Both business owners and independent roofing contractors should consider looking into dedicated coverage for several important reasons.

Roofing Can Involve Personal and Third-Party Risks

Though roofing may seem like a straightforward business, those who work in it know that it can involve both personal and third-party risks that may require insurance to offset potential financial harm. Some of the most commonly encountered ones are:

  • Third-party damages caused by your equipment or construction process
  • Damage to specialized equipment
  • Injury on the worksite to either workers or a third party
  • Materials theft or burglary

Roofing Policies Could Encompass Multiple Programs in One

With dedicated roofing coverage, you could potentially get the benefit of multiple insurance programs rolled into one. For instance, you might be able to get workers’ compensation, general liability, commercial property coverage and more all tailored to your specific niche.

In order to mitigate the risks of the roofing business, businesses and independent workers alike may need to look into insurance coverage for roofing contractors. With extra protection, you can rest easy that you’re covered from financial harm while offering quality services to clients.

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